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Amy's sweet peas
Fruit bowl
Red Converse
Sally's roses
Sweet Williams
Stored in Secret places
After apple picking
Apples in the barn
Where Billy used to sit
Birds of paradise
Helen's teapot
White jug
Red dress

Still life

Still life can sound pretty boring – a good subject perhaps when there really isn’t anything else to paint?  Well like anything else it depends on who is painting, you just need to look at a still life by Shirley Trevena and you will immediately see her passion for the subject. 
So as I wander through the kitchen I sometimes find a visual attraction to a random still life arrangement and I just have to paint it.  Pears are simply wonderful shapes, tulips as they collapse in Tom’s vase, the mangle in the fireplace . . . . . opportunities are endless, and certainly not boring!



© 2013 Jan Gay